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Surrounded by beautiful large mountains and lush vegetation, Juneau, Alaska's capital city, is located on the middle of the panhandle in the southeast region of Alaska. Juneau is Alaska's third largest city in population with

approximately 30,000 residents and encompasses 3,248 square miles. Juneau is Alaska's capital and one out of every two workers are employed by the State.

In 1906, the capital of Alaska was changed from Sitka to Juneau. Fur trade was declining in Sitka and Juneau was booming because of the discovery of gold there. Currently, Juneau is the hub city for the rest of Southeast Alaska. Because it is the largest city on the pan handle, it has much of the main shopping and meeting places. Before the arrival of the white man Juneau was also used as a mid-station for the natives that occupied the southeast sothern region of Alaska. Many potlaches and events were held in Juneau to bring all the surrounding native people together. At this time, they would have an opportunity to trade, share traditions, and dance together.

Juneau was also the site that helped usher in the Gold Rush by both Joe Juneau and Richard Harris. A very interesting fact about Juneau was that before the United States entered WWII, President Franklin D. Roosevelt sought out a location to talk peace with the Emperor of Japan. He proposed two sites - Honolulu, Hawaii and Juneau, Alaska. Neither site was selected because Pearl Harbor was attacked before the meeting could be set.

We Are Located:
1/4 mile from major shopping centers
1/2 mile from scenic walks and trails
2 blocks from Juneau International Airport
2 miles from Mendenhall Golf Course
3 1/2 miles from University of Alaska Southeast
4 miles from the Mendenhall Glacier
5 miles from Auke Bay boat harbor
5 miles from Salmon Hatchery Visitors Center
5 miles from fishing and sightseeing tours
5 miles from the Alaska Marine Highway Ferry Terminal
6 miles from Auke Bay recreational area
8 miles from City Center
8 miles from Centennial Hall
8 miles from that State of Alaska Museum
8 miles from the Capitol Building
8 miles from St. Nicholas Russian Church
8 miles from Mt. Roberts Tramway
9 miles from the Shrine of St. Therese
20 miles from Eaglecrest Ski Area
40 miles from Glacier Bay
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Juneau is the only capital in the United States with no connecting roads. The city is often referred to as "a little San Francisco". To arrive or leave Juneau the ferry system or air transportation must be used.

The climate is wet and mild, while the summer temperature averages at 63 degrees F and winter averages at 20 degrees F. A 100 inches of rainfall in the city annually. Juneau is home to the Mendahall Glacier which is one of the few glaciers that are accesible by road. Naturalist John Muir considered it "one of the most beautiful of the coastal glaciers." He named it "Auk Glacier" after a local Tlingit Indian village in 1879. In 1892 the name was changed to honor Thomas C. Mendenhall, superintendent of the U.S Coast and Geodetic Survey. This enormous glacier is part of the Juneau icefield which is comprised of 1,500 square miles and creating 38 other glaciers. This size is larger than the whole state of Rhode Island. The melting glacier has created Mendenhall Lake which is 50 feet above sea level and in some places 200 feet deep. Juneau is only 28 miles south-west away from the famous island of Admiralty. This island is home to more than 1,600 brown bears. The island has at least one bear per square mile, while often referring to it as the world's highest population of brown bears. Admiralty also has a high volume of other wildlife. A very high population of eagles reside here as well as result of the high source of food that the island provides. Admiralty is also a great place for sport fishing. Large runs of both salmon and halibut go here throughout the summer.

Calender of Events

Juneau Convention and Visitors Bureau, 907-586-2201
24 Hour Events Hotline, 907-586-JUNO
Website: www.traveljuneau.com

Gold Medal Tournament
Alaska Folk Festival, Contact: Riley Woodford 907-463-3316, www.juneau.com/aff/
Juneau Jazz & Classics, Contact: G. Cohen 907-463-3378
Email: music@juneau.com, www.juneau.com/music/
Only Fools Run at Midnight, Contact: Neil Higginbotham 1-800-478-5683
Gold Rush Days, Contact: John Sandor 907-586-2427
Fourth of July Fireworks at Midnight, 907-364-3346
Fourth of July Parade, 907-364-3346
Annual Fourth of July Parade Run, Contact: John Stone or Nikki Germain 907-364-4663
Golden North Salmon Derby, 907-789-2399, www.salmonderby.org
Juneau Public Market (Arts & Crafts), 907-586-1166
Gallery Walk

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